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More than Words
The Nephilim Book 3
Damien and Sam
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firefiredGenre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Format: eBook

Damien can't believe how wrong he was about Samantha Brody. The woman of his dreams, the woman he freaking fired over
theft, is innocent as a newborn lamb. Now Damien has to decide if it's worth upending his entire life to bring Sam into his world.
Finding out she already knows about his Nephilim ties makes him even more leery of putting her in danger. Nothing is worth
Sam's life, not even his growing feelings for her.

Sam winds up in his world faster than Damien could say "Shem". She's attacked when she does him a favor and winds up being
taken to a safe house, where Damien and Sam slowly start to explore their feelings for one another. But the Shem don't take
lightly to humans butting into their business, espeically when that business involves kidnapped Nephilim. With the Shem hot on
their heels, can Sam and Damien finally find the love they can't put into words?