Seth crawled into his car, exhausted beyond belief, and glanced at his watch. He swore under his breath, pulling out into the quiet street. He should have listened to Gabriel and
let Dante and Damien hunt without him tonight, but he’d been determined to find out if the Shem they were hunting knew anything about Abby.

Unfortunately, Damien’s intel had been right. The Shem had been hired to hunt down Abby, but not to harm her, something that sent a hard shiver down his spine. Why would a
Shem want a human like Abby Marcheson for anything more than food? As far as he could tell, she had nothing to do with their world.

But the dead Shem had known more than Seth was comfortable with, and less than he’d hoped.

He’d known where she lived. For that alone, Seth would have killed him.

Worse, he’d been a tough kill, nailing Dante in the arm with his claws and almost taking Damien’s head. Rafe would be more than willing to heal Dante. Too bad the stubborn
bastard would never drive his ugly, putty-colored car to Gabriel’s for what he considered to be a minor wound.

Seth snorted. Yeah. Dante was going to be sore tomorrow.

Seth pulled up in front of his town house, ready to drop from exhaustion. He wasn’t even certain he had the energy left to order a pizza, and hunger was the only thing keeping
him on his feet. He shuffled past Abby’s door.

Abby’s windows were open. The aroma of burritos wafted out to him, his stomach immediately growling.

As good as those burritos smelled, and God, they smelled amazing, she shouldn’t have had her windows open. She didn’t know that she was being targeted. She had no reason to
believe she should stay behind locked doors and closed windows.

Damn it. He was so fucking tired. But he’d promised Bill, his closest human friend, that he would watch over the man’s baby sister when she moved two doors down from him.
He sighed. So far, he was doing a bang-up job of it.

Not. He headed for his own town house. He was too tired tonight to keep an eye on Abby. He’d contact one of his brothers, have him watch while Seth slept. Micah would do it, if
only because Seth would then owe him one.

He managed to get into his town house without falling flat on his face. He did wind up crawling up the stairs and into his bedroom. Kicking off his shoes, he crawled onto the bed
and pulled his cell phone from his pocket.

“Hey, Seth. Need me to guard your girl for you?” Micah’s deep, serene voice flowed over him. If anyone could keep Abby safe, it was Micah.

Seth smiled. “I’d appreciate it, thanks.”

“No problem. Rough night?”

“Yeah. Damien’s intel panned out. The son of a bitch was hired to find Abby.” Without Damien’s unique abilities, Seth wouldn’t even have known she was in trouble until it was
too late. The name Marcheson had shown up on one of Damien’s computer-generated alarms. When he realized it was the little sister of Bill Marcheson, Dante’s coworker and
Seth’s friend, he'd immediately contacted Seth.

Someone had done a thorough search on her, using paths open only to the Shem and the Nephilim, dark magics and light, mixed with modern technology that no human could
have performed. If Damien hadn’t found the traces of the search, hadn’t insisted on hunting down the Shem who’d initiated it, they might have already lost her to a Shem’s

Seth didn’t even want to think about that. There was something sweet and innocent about Abby, something that hadn’t dimmed as she went from gawky teenager to pretty, shy
woman. Seth would hate to see that light of hers go out, snuffed by a Shem bastard.

Gabriel had agreed to allow Seth, as a friend of the family, to officially guard Abby while the rest of the Neph did what they did best.

Hunt Shemyaza.

“Shit. I’m on my way.”

“Stay safe, my brother.” Seth’s hands were beginning to shake. Fuck the pizza. He was going to sleep. He’d hit Waffle House in the morning or something.

“Stay safe, my brother.” Micah hung up, probably already on his way. An Angelus like Seth, Micah would fly to her home, invisible, and guard her until morning.

But Seth found sleep elusive. The Shem they’d killed tonight hadn’t known why he’d been hired. He hadn’t known anything other than someone was after her, that someone
might want more than her blood. Now Gabriel wanted them at the mansion. The leader of the Nephilim was making it official.

Sweet little Abby Marcheson was on a Shem’s hit list, and not one of them knew why.

"I believe fans of the early Black Dagger Brotherhood books and Larissa Ione’s Demonica series will love this new world from Dana Marie Bell... With so many fascinating
characters introduced, I’m very curious who will get their story next."
Five Stars, Romance Readers at Heart Novel Thoughts & Book Talk

"The conditioned reader may repeatedly make simple assumptions versus looking for an intricately developed plot. However, Bell will prove readers wrong. The depths of the
plot and character development here provide the perfect setup for what should prove to be a strong series."
Starred Review, Library Journal Reviews

"Action packed and full of sexy Nephilim, this story will grab your interest and won’t let you put it down." Four and a half stars, Night Owl Reviews
ISBN: 978-14268-9484-8

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